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Fallout 3 Aperture Lore

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Fallout 3 Aperture Lore Empty Fallout 3 Aperture Lore

Post  DrBurns on Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:46 am

Fallout 3 Aperture Lore 4406

The game, Fallout 3, is set in a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic Washington, D.C. following the Great War between the U.S., China and other countries. The Great War was a nuclear war that occurred on October 23, 2077 which caused immense damage and destruction despite lasting only less than two hours. Before the Great War were the Resource Wars, during which the United Nations disbanded, a plague rendered the United States paranoid, and Canada was annexed.

During the Great War of 2077, the D.C. area was hit more severely than the west coast, due to its military and political areas along with the fact it lacked a defense system against nuclear attacks. The D.C. ruins have been hit the hardest structurally as most are either completely destroyed, are falling apart, literally falling into each other or just barely standing. The streets are littered with rubble and are largely impassible. However, the Virginia area of the Wasteland is more open due to the fact that there were fewer buildings there in the first place. Therefore, there isn't much rubble and is much easier to traverse.


Aperture Corporation is a multi-national mega-corporation based mainly in the United States Eastern Coast. Having headquartered in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida, with spanning influences in Germany, Britain, Japan, and The Netherlands. Aperture is well known for its applications in the revolutionary technological world, most notably the AP:OS personal computer operating system. This operating system was developed by James Benjamin Riggs and Ian Burns, college friends from Yale who had a mutual passion for the scientific arts of the computer of their time. After both earning their PhD in Computer Science (Ian Burns) and Political Science (Benjamin Riggs), the two moved to Miami and began funding their research into the massive applications in computers. To say, back in the 80's, one had to venture into many vices just to gain the funds to explore ones goals. Benjamin began developing cameras for Kodiak, while Ian ventured into gathering private investors ranging from businessmen, to the occasionally shady luxurious fellow of the great Miami coke trade. Ironic for the applications of both of their degrees were opposite to their current agendas. Together, Ian and Benjamin began selling their own designed cameras marketed directly to tourists, these fine cameras became known as Aperture Cameras due to their revolutionary Aperture lens design by Benjamin. With this persistent flow of income, Ian and Benjamin began work on their dream of a truly basic home computer operating system, which at the time was a simple text based operating system that used little to no system resources to run, making it perfect for applications used via servers and personal computers that required allotted resources for personal applications. AP:OS was born, along with Aperture Technologies, and it's parent company Aperture Corporation, which was placed in Ian Burn's growing up city of New York, Manhattan.

By 1995, Aperture had expanded it's vastly growing empire into almost every American's household with their vast variety of products ranging from personal computers, small electronic applications such as watches, televisions, radios, cameras, and etc. Their influence growing in the political sector with Senator Riggs of Florida, while serving his terms, had recruited numerous political figures such as fellow senators, congressmen, and lobbyists to support Aperture's goals. This gave Aperture, mainly Ian and Benjamin, enormous influence within the lucrative business world in the United States, and soon the global business trade by the year of 2001. Still at this time, Aperture's goals were very shady to anyone outside of their inner circle, which consisted of the Aperture Executive Board. Anyone who was anyone to Aperture would be enlisted into the ranks of Executive Stock holding within the company, ensuring complete obedience and financial support. These Executives could have their say in the company, only if their leaders (Ian Burns and Benjamin Riggs) agreed, soon showing a form of dictator style leadership. Aperture's goals only being the goals set upon it by its visionary leaders.

Aperture Corporation being one of the most important economic controllers of the United States, via Import/Export and their fine products, hold an almost unrealistic amount of power over the business sector of the American Government. Nothing would oppose Aperture, and if it had, it wouldn't last long. Politically, Aperture had always gotten its way through apparent innocent lobbying of senators and congressmen when in fact those men would without question support Aperture's cause/wish. Firmly justifying any and all actions by Aperture internationally or within the states under a shadowy curtain of obscurity. To those who could pay attention long enough to notice that the world wasn't quite right, then it's clear Aperture along with many other shadowy organizations were behind it.

By 2008, Aperture was at it's peak. Benjamin finished up his second term as the Senator for Florida, Ian Burns on the title of Forbes Magazine labelled as the god of the Corporate world, and Aperture at the top of the Fortune 500 for it's 5th time. This year would also be pivotal to the later events and downfall of the world as we know it. Aperture Base had finally perfected its cloning and cryogenic sleep projects, and began the motions of permanently establishing Aperture into the soils of America, literally and figuratively. Ian and Benjamin's bodies were put into permanent cryosleep, with their active consciousness connected to synapses servers, which were used to control their numerous clones and live out life in their eyes, as young immortals.

2022, Ian Burns stepped down as the Corporate CEO, and apparently retired. The Corporate chair went to his son Richard Burns, who actually a genetically engineered clone of Ian Burns, and controlled by Ian Burns. Richard was never seen publicly, and was highly reclusive, spending all of his time on Ian Burns Senior's private island in the Caribbean. Of course this was a ruse, leaving Ian in complete control of the company along with his partner Benjamin and the Executive Board who all in the face of the public obtained new identities to keep their ill-fated immortality a close guarded secret. No one was the wiser...


April 2052, The Resource Wars begin. Many smaller nations go bankrupt, and Europe, dependent on oil imports from the Middle East, responds to the Middle East's rising oil prices with military action. The long drawn-out war between the European Commonwealth and the Middle East begins.

The United Nations, already suffering, begins to collapse. In a series of heated debates, many nations withdraw from the organization as the U.N. tries to keep the peace. At the end of July, the United Nations is disbanded. Aperture, no longer lenient of the United Nations influence and support, could have cared less.

2056, The Anchorage Front Line is established, as the United States increases its military presence in Alaska to protect its oil interests. The Anchorage Front Line causes tensions in the United States and Canada, as the United States attempts to pressure Canada into allowing American military units to guard the Alaskan pipeline.

By 2060, the Euro-Middle Eastern War ends as the oil fields in the Middle East run dry... there is no longer a goal in the conflict, and both sides are reduced almost to ruin. The European Commonwealth dissolves into quarreling nation states, fighting over the remaining resources. In the winter of 2066, China invades Alaska. The Anchorage Front Line becomes a true battleground, and America becomes paranoid of the idea of Nuclear Armageddon. As a sign of increasing tension between the two countries, Canada proves reluctant to allow American troops on Canadian soil or allow American planes to fly over Canadian airspace. The tensions between the United States and Canada rise, but Canada eventually backs down, and US troops pass through Canada. This sets the stage for the Canadian annexation in 2076, much to Aperture's glee.

By 2069, the Anchorage war rages on, Canada begins to feel the pressure from the United States military as the US draws upon Canadian resources for the war effort. Vast stretches of timberland are destroyed, and other resources in Canada are stretched to the breaking point. Many Americans refer to Canada as Little America, and Canadian protests are unheard. The United States' increasing demand for Canadian resources causes protests and riots in several Canadian cities. An attempted sabotage of the Alaskan pipeline is all the military needs as an excuse to begin its annexation of Canada... which in fact, had already begun in 2067 due to Aperture and the Enclave's persistent meddling demands to gain more access to the rich resources of Canada.

February 14, 2075. Canada, after being almost entirely taken over by U.S. troops, finally agrees to be annexed by the U.S. The annexation is finalized almost a year later. January 2076, The United States annexation of Canada is complete. Canadian protesters and rioters are shot on sight, and the Alaskan Pipeline swarms with American military units. Pictures of atrocities make their way to the United States, causing further unrest and protests.

2077, the year of the end of society... January 10, Alaska is reclaimed, and the Anchorage Front Line is again held by the Americans. By March. prepared for a nuclear or biological attack from China, the president, Aperture Corporation's Executive Board and the Enclave retreat to remote sections around the globe and make contingency plans for continuing the war.


Aperture's Board of Executive met in the Aperture Capitol Headquarters to discuss the upcoming looming threat of Nuclear/Biological attack from China. It had been decided that all Aperture Executive members be moved to the Virginia underground research facilities for protection from any form of attack till the war was over. This included the cryosleep bodies of Ian Burns, and Benjamin Riggs along with the Executive Board. Many members remained in cryosleep till October 23, when all Aperture Executive members were temporarily activated via synapses control to authorize the full launch of all Aperture Nuclear Warheads at Aperture Base to be fired upon all of China, before ordering Aperture Base into complete cryo-lockdown. Freezing the entire facility in time till the Aperture Executive Board could reach it. At this point, air raid sirens sound, but very few people heed the warning and go into vaults, thinking it is a false alarm. The Vaults are sealed and the world is plunged into nuclear winter/armageddon.

During the fall of the bombs, and the destruction of the United States, the Aperture Research Complex under Virginia was hit hard. The facility survived, but at a cost... The synapses computers were knocked offline due to the holocaust above, permanently keeping the entire Aperture Executive Board and their selective peons in cryosleep. Leaving a lone Dr. Burns, whose own personal synapses server had not gone offline, to watch over the majority offline research facility alone for 200 years, descending into madness without his medication, and with the only thought that his dream had come true.

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