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Aperture Armor

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Aperture Armor Empty Aperture Armor

Post  DrBurns on Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:48 pm

Aperture weapons are not any good without Aperture armor. You may have all that fine firepower, but without the right protection, an Aperture Operative can't be standing to unleash it. Aperture has many forms of clothing and armor to protect all of it's employees properly given the situation they are intended. Ranging from your professional suit, casual suits, workers jumpsuits, bulletproof vests, combat armor, and even power armor. Each armory in the Aperture facility carries not only guns, but armor to fit all the needs the armory is tasked with.

The Armories

Weapon's Research & Development Armory
Combat Armor, and Power Armor

The Executive Suite Armory
Executive Suits/Uniforms, Officer uniform, and Power Armor

The Security Armory
Security Officer uniforms, Technician uniforms, and Management suits.

Ian Burn's Private Armory
Executive Suits, Power Armor, Combat Armor, etc.

The Facility Jumpsuits
Aperture Armor 57px-Vault_JumpsuitAperture Armor 56px-Fallout_3_Vault_Security_ArmourAperture Armor 54px-Vault_Lab_UniformAperture Armor 57px-Vault_101_Utility_Jumpsuit

Standard issue jumpsuit for all those put into cryosleep inside the secret underground research facility under the Aperture Office in Virginia. The uniform itself is, of course, a different color in depiction that the vault suit. The "Aperture" facility jumpsuit is white-and-black as opposed to blue-and-yellow. These jumpsuits are worn by sector intelligence analyst. Armored variants are issued to Security Officers. Labcoats are issued to R&D Lab scientists. Technicians, seen in all sectors, wear a clean losely fitting uniform, more comforting for manual labor/routine maintenance.

Stealth Combat Armor
Aperture Armor 188px-VanGraff_CombatArmor

Black combat armor deployed in stealth operations/raid operations with Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents. The black armor provides +25 stealth to player attributes. Stealth operations requiring the use of this armor is only carried out at night.

Aperture Stealth Suit
Aperture Armor 240px-Chinese_stealth_armor

Used by Recon Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents when out in the field. Great for recon runs into unknown/enemy territory. Also extensively used for spec. ops, and sniper supporting roles.

Aperture Soldier Power Armor
Aperture Armor 200px-Enclave_power_armor

Power Armor distributed to field soldiers in case of emergency, defense, or attack situations. Soldiers are actually Aperture Operatives/Agents donning a more brute approach. AmsMaster Tekome wears this power armor without a helmet. The Aperture Elite wears this armor too, but with always equip with a large weapon.

Aperture Field Officer uniform
Aperture Armor 240px-Enclave_officer_uniform

Uniform worn by field officers in-charge of any number of Aperture Soldiers in the field. Uniform is distributed through the Executive Suite Armory. Officers are usually accompanied by 2 to 3 soldiers.

Note: The uniforms will have the Aperture "A" logo instead of the Enclave "E" logo.

Head Scientist outfit
Aperture Armor 70px-Scientist_Outfit

Formal labcoat attire worn by the Weapons R&D head scientists. Head of Explosives Dr. Roger West wears this.

Aperture Agent Suit
Aperture Armor 185px-Grimy_preWar_business_wear

Suits worn by formal Aperture Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents. Operatives wear the black suit with sunglasses, and the operatives wear brown suits, fadoras, and sunglasses. (They wear this in the facility and in towns.) Also worn by Sector Managers.


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