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[Closed] Some ideas that come to my Mind

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[Closed] Some ideas that come to my Mind Empty [Closed] Some ideas that come to my Mind

Post  Derakel on Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:05 pm

-Need to do something with the Half-life 2 Medical Civilian Model.

-A Story and Role for the Combine Class.

-Add Lore to the Server.
(example: A story of why it is an Apocalypse)

-Add Class Hierarchy Tree. (In Progress...)
(example: Thief Class unlocks Master Thief, Drug Dealer, Mercenary, etc...)

-Add Unemployment for Survivor.
(example: Same as Paycheck but different name to fit Roleplay)

-Remove Paycheck for Non-Employment type Classes.
(example: The Hobo Class)

-Add Taxes to doors on Paycheck.
(example: 2% each door owned)

-Add Vehicles for Civil Protection.

-Add Helicopter for Mayor. (Removed...))

-Drugs that effect your Resilience, Speed and such.
(example: Pain Killers that reduce damage taken)

More will come to mind soon.

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