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[Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

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[Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff. Empty [Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

Post  UltMathias on Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:47 am

Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

This list of stuff doesnt have to be added, i only want to increase our idea of creating our server Very Happy.


Technician: A class that can repair aircraft vehicles. Max 2.

Mechanic: A class that can repair vehicles. Max 2.

Cilvil Protection Lieutenant: Civil protection can become this class as they would Chief, but instead they become this class before becoming chief, Max 2.

Looter: A class that can take metals from broken down vehicles (Land and Air) and convert it to money. Max 3.

Surgeon: A class that can revive other players instead of going to spawn.

Bounty Hunter: This class is just a rename for the Mercenary.

Prostitute: A class that can have sex to heal other players for large amounts of money. ( was joking but thought it would be kinda adult like xD) Max 3.

Drug Lord: Same as a drug dealer but is like the master thief to other thieves. Max 1.

Pimp: This class is like master thief to other thiefs, just thier boss. Max 1. ( only if prostitute was for real lol)

Combine: needs to be added for Admins and VIP.

Combine Commander: Leader of the Combine, gets comtrol over the Combine Force. Max 1.

Gate Guard: A Civil protection officer that has been placed in charge of guarding gates. Max 3.

Hostage Taker: A class that kidnaps hostages and demands Civil Protection money or the hostage will be killed. the Civil Protection Chief must meet thier demands or take the Hostage Takers out, if not they will be demoted. Max 3.

Amputee Zombie: This Npc replaces headcrabs, the zombie is missing its limbs. it crawls on the ground and attacks players.

Zombie Dog, This Npc replaces headcrab zombies, this is a quick little infected dog that can attack players quickly.

Zombie: Basicly a zombie without the headcrab.

Fast Zombie: A normal zombie that runs faster.

Host: Host to the infection that has taken the world and turned it into a freak show, replacing the Antlion Guard.


Bow, Suicide Knife, Katana, Claymore, Axe, Hammer, Silenced Pistol, Silenced Sniper, Silenced M4, Pickpocket(with sound), Throwing Rocks, Taser.

Drugs: Cocaine and Tobbaco.
Objects: Blowup Doll Very Happy
Licenses: Pilot License, Drivers License, Gun License and Prostitution License.

Names for Custom Classes that players can use doing /job (name of the class)
Janitor, Pilot, Maniac, Locksmith, Malitia, Lawyer, Dope Dealer, Crack Head.

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[Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff. Empty Re: [Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

Post  Sleight_of_Swag on Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:22 am

I like all of these ideas good job Very Happy

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[Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff. Empty Re: [Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

Post  Derakel on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:07 pm

Mechanic should be able to Repair Land and Air Vehicles (Less Work). Creating a Health System for Vehicles shouldn't prove hard enough. Only problem is what it becomes after it is Destroyed.

I like the Lieutenant for Civil Protection, it adds more Rank and Work. The Lieutenant can also take Command of a seperated group of Officers.

Looter is an interesting one. Should be called Scavenger instead of Looter (In my Opinion). As i have said before, Health isn't the issue for Vehicles but the Props it will become afterwards should be unspawnable by Players and Whitelisted to the tool that will Scavenge it.

Surgeon reminds me of the Medical Services in Perp. The idea is basic but very difficult. I believe we should combine this idea with the Medic as it only Heals. Adding a Ragdoll that is Revived will take some time but we will keep that in mind.

Bounty Hunter is a much better name for the basic Mercenary. It would be an Improvement to the lore as the Hires are practically Bounties. This may also bring some more ideas to the table later on.

The Prostitute was a joke at first but this could be added. An illegal class that could Heal Players or give them an STD that deals damage per second would be perfect. However, i do not think we have a mature enough Community to add this aswell as the Pimp Class.

Drug Lord could be added to make Safehouses, hire Bodyguards and be able to buy Crack Pots which can generate some drugs and sell them at the Spawn Town using Drug Dealers.

The Combine is at a hold right now. I cannot say anything for them as they are not a simply understandable Roleplaying Class to a Post-Apocalyptic Universe outside of Half-Life 2.

Gate Guard is needed! This Class can be so useful to keep the Spawn Town safer from Zombies. It also a full-time Job and it should pay well.

Hostage Taker's name should be changed to something like Kidnapper with the Max of 1. Easy to threaten someones life. Hard to maintain it. Great for Roleplay. I love the Idea but it may not be added due to the Hatecrimes that can come out of it.

Great ideas for Zombies, Weapons and Items and we will look into them.

Custom Names has freedom but within the Rules of the Server. Good Luck with those... (Janitor... ROFL)

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[Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff. Empty Re: [Closed] Ideas for Changes or New stuff.

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