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Berets and Ranks

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Berets and Ranks Empty Berets and Ranks

Post  DrBurns on Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:44 am

Berets and Ranks Burns_10

Berets in Burns&Associates represent rank and status in the organization. Each beret color has a combined rank, which is then distinguished further by employee identification. Berets are awarded via training, devotion, loyalty, and etc.

Black Beret
Berets and Ranks Beret1
The black beret is the entry level position for all security personnel in Burns&Associates. Black berets are awarded to trainee's who pass their training to become full-time security operatives in the field. Black Berets are the privates of the field.

*Black Berets can be added to the management division, sacrificing their security duties for a more direct employee role within the organization.*

*Black Berets MUST salute Red Berets+ in the field.*

Red Beret
Berets and Ranks Beret2
The red beret is the top of class security personnel Burns&Associates has to offer. Most red berets serve in the Executive Security Team (EST*) Red Berets act as direct management over black beret security personnel, but are able to dual purpose as employees. Red Berets are lieutenants of the field.

*Red Berets can be added to the management division, while acting as an elite security operative in the field.*

*Red Berets MUST salute Executives in the field.*

Camo Beret
Berets and Ranks Beret4


Bowler Hats
Berets and Ranks HatBowler1

Executives headgear only.

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