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Uniforms and Attire

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Uniforms and Attire Empty Uniforms and Attire

Post  DrBurns on Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:13 am

Uniforms and Attire Burns_10

Standard Attire
Uniforms and Attire Skin_165Uniforms and Attire Skin_166Uniforms and Attire Skin_141

Burns&Associates has a strict professional dress code for all active employee's, unless stated otherwise by an executive. Typical attire worn by employee's consist of a tailored black suit, white dress shirt, black tie, vest, sunglasses, and ranked beret. Security and Management level employees share this uniform.* Many variations of uniforms exist but are only authorized by an Executive to selective employees.

Variant Standard Attire
Uniforms and Attire Skin_240

Typical employee uniform, with the removal of blazer and tie. The vest is prominently showcased along with rolled up cuffs for comfort. Privately chosen sunglasses are available with this uniform. Only authorized via Executives.

Executive Suits
Uniforms and Attire Skin_147Uniforms and Attire Skin_295

Executives of Burns&Associates are free to choose their own suit for their standard attire, as long as it can sport a bowler hat to show rank. Executive suits showcased here belong to the CFO Dr. Itami Shikura,
and CEO Dr. Ian Burns.


An executive may, at any time, appoint a new uniform to any employee in Burns&Associates. However, if the employee does not like or feel the uniform is not needed, may refuse and wear his standard attire.

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