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[Recycled] Ideas for the Minecraft

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[Recycled] Ideas for the Minecraft Empty [Recycled] Ideas for the Minecraft

Post  Derakel on Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:46 am

--- The Guilds ---

(Beginner Guilds)
-Adventure Guild - Questing and Dungeon Diving.
-Labourers Guild - Crafting, Building and Repairs.

(Standard Guilds)
-Alchemists Guild - Potions, Poisons and Transmutations.
-Fighters Guild - Crafting, Arena Fighting and Guard Posts.
-Mages Guild - Spells, Mapping and Enchanting Items.
-Corperate Guild - Crafting, Mining and Sales/Banking.

--- The Themes ---

Adventurers Guildhall
Theme: Storage, Trophies, Wood-based.

Labourers Guildhall
Theme: Storage, Crafting Tables, Metallic, Maintenance look.

Alchemists Guildhall
Theme: Storage, Clean, Cauldrons, Basement.

Fighters Guildhall
Theme: Stone, Towers on Corners, Attached Arena, Weapon Racks.

Mages Guildhall
Theme: Clean, Carpet-filled, Bookshelves, Tower Shape, Enchanting Tables.

Corperate Guildhall
Theme: Bank-feel, Attached Warehouse.

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