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[Closed] Suggested Rules

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[Closed] Suggested Rules Empty [Closed] Suggested Rules

Post  Derakel on Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:57 pm

I have compiled a number of rules the Administration has thrown out there.
These are suggested rules for the Server and Classes, these rules are not active.
These Rules are not confirmed. However, i will take any suggestions to add, change or remove any of the rules i have placed in this topic. Remember that these 77 rules were written to protect our previous rules, new players and roleplay itself.


Server Rules

1: No Random Death Match. (Attacking/Killing Someone)
2: No Prop-Push, Prop-Climb, Prop-Surf, Prop-Kill and Prop-Blocking.
3: No Killing and Pick Pocket in Spawn.
4: No breaking New Life Rule. (Know nothing of your last Life)
5: No Disrespecting Players/Admins.
6: No Job Abuse.
7: No Trolling or ruining other Players Gameplay.
8: No Random Warrant or Destruction of Property.
9: No Spamming.
10: No Hacking or Glitching.
11: Limit of 1 Home. (No Land Owning)
12: No disobeying the Administration.
13: No Racism or Vulgar Sprays.
14: No more than 2 Printers.
15: No Random Demotes.
16: No Job Stealing.
17: No Text-to-Speech Spamming.
18: No Advertising anything not JFFS.
19: /OOC is only used for Out-of-Character Chat.
20: /Advert is only used when your Selling something.
21: No Out-of-Character Chat in Local Chat.
22: No PowerGaming. (Google it)
23: No MetaGaming. (Google it)
24: No Button/Prop/Light/Lamp/Rope Spamming.
25: No Begging.
26: No Asking for Admin/Moderator/Donator/Owner Status.
27: No Trapping or making Traps for Players/Zombies.
28: No killing even if the Players asks you to kill him/her.
29: No Mic Spamming or Music on the Mic.
30: Must Speak English.
31: No provoking Players.
32: No Floating Props, must look Realistic or have Support Beams.
33: No shooting at or from the Spawnzone unless the target is a Zombie.
34: No killing anyone Stalking you. (Call the Civil Protection)
35: Fading Doors must have Keypad/Button on each side.
36: No Abusing Jobnames. (Example: Whore)
37: Only Trader and Black Market Dealer can Sell to Players.
38: No Super-Duper-Serious Roleplay, this is for Fun.
39: Impersonations are Punishable by Death! (Ban)

Class Rules

Civil Protection: No Random Arrests.
Civil Protection: No Random Warrants.
Civil Protection: No Random Stunning.
Civil Protection: No Random Battering Doors.
Civil Protection: Kill a Criminal after 7 seconds of Warning to Stop.
Civil Protection: No Stalking Potential Criminals.
Civil Protection: No Assaulting Innocent Bystanders.
Civil Protection: No Money Printers.
Soldiers: No Dealing in Civil Protections Problems.
Soldiers: Only kill the Murderers of another Soldier.
Soldiers: Protect the Players from Zombies and Antlions.
Soldiers: No Money Printers.
Tradesmen: No Scamming Players of their Items/Money.
Tradesmen: No Selling Too High. (Must be less than 70% added on the Price)
Medics: No Harming Players.
Medics: No Dropping Medic-Pac.
President: No Abusing Lockdown.
President: No Abusing the Law.
President: Must have an Office.
President: No Money Printers.
Black Market Dealers: No using Jihad Bombs.
Black Market Dealers: No Scamming Players of their Items/Money.
Bodyguards: Protect your Customers at all times.
Mercenaries: Only kill the Targets of a Contract you have Accepted.
Psychopath: No Killing in Spawn.
Psychopath: Restricted to Knife only.
Psychopath: You can be killed by your Victim.
Psychopath: Nobody can kill you except the CP after they Warned you to Stop.
Psychopath: You cannot be Arrested/Killed even if you have a Knife out.
Hobos: Restricted to Unlockable Weapons.
Hobos: No Buying Weapons from other Players.
Hobos: No Houses.
Hobos: Must make a small shelter.
Zombie Hunters: Only kill Zombies.
Thieves: No Stealing from other Thieves/Master Thief.
Thieves: No Stealing in Spawn.
Thieves: No Stealing Non-Lethal Items. (Physgun, Keys, etc...)
Thieves: No Camping at the Jail.

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[Closed] Suggested Rules Empty Re: [Closed] Suggested Rules

Post  Chris on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:23 pm

I agree With all of these rules,
These should most certainly be put into effect.
Very well put together and thought-out.
Good Job

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[Closed] Suggested Rules Empty Re: [Closed] Suggested Rules

Post  XxCrypticVirus7xX on Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:38 am

I don't know any other way to put it than Chris said it. Very well done rules, Derakel. I was about to make a list myself, but screw that. It would not have compared to this at ALL.

You never disappoint me, Derakel! Very Happy cheers

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[Closed] Suggested Rules Empty Re: [Closed] Suggested Rules

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