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[Closed] A mass load of Ideas.

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[Closed] A mass load of Ideas. Empty [Closed] A mass load of Ideas.

Post  Dartkitten on Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:51 pm

I liked the Idea of storage you had told me but also, get the finished gun/drug labs, Possibly allow ones to Buy NPC pets, so that they can have a fighting teammate.
Allow squading, this makes it so people can create sortof like a party in which they can Have an indicator showing how far away and where each teammate is, Best not to but you can make party members not hurt eachother. Setup to where maybe only the weapon in your hands is lost, or only the weapon in your hands is kept (maybe setup a disignated holster button). Make a designated button to drop weapons, such as j or k. Allow guild creation (Like a permenant party). Allow knife throwing that does damage (and picking back up). weapon modification (sights, silencers that do not alert zombies). Make Attacking human NPCs, And Higher max players.
Anyway, That is Just the ideas off the top of my head.

You do not NEED to do any of these.
I would be glad to help with scripting if you did though.


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[Closed] A mass load of Ideas. Empty A mass load of answers

Post  Brandon12hummer on Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:36 pm

I've been working on NPC pets lately hopefully can release a small version in the next patch V2.0.0

Also my main focus has been finishing the skill system so far I have added growing so now I can have drug dealers.

Also scavenging there will be metal that randomly spawns around the map you can mine this with a pick and get scrap metal and other metals.

Also crafting you can take these metals to a table and combine them to make stuff example 1scrap metal= magazine 2scrap metal= gun body I haven't really
refine this process yet hopefully I can get it done soon but right now I'm sort of in the middle of a end year exam .

Also I think the idea of groups is cool I will see what I can find.

The throwing of a knife used to be in the game I had to remove this feature because it was really overpowered I might add this back eventually
or just have a throwing knife type of knife.

Weapon modifications might include that in the crafting.

I know I probably did not answer all of your questions and there's a lot of also in this if you want to speak to me please contact me on

Steam: [JFFS] Brandon12hummer

Mumble IP: JFFS.mumble.com Port:5519

Also I would like to talk to you about scripting


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[Closed] A mass load of Ideas. Empty I was needing to say.

Post  Dartkitten on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:40 pm

Well, I Have been needing to say, I sent a request before and either you still have it pending or something went wrong because it doesn't allow me to do add as friend. When I do, It tells me an error has occurred. Please check if there is a pending request or Try to add me.


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[Closed] A mass load of Ideas. Empty Re: [Closed] A mass load of Ideas.

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