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[Closed] Event Suggestions

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[Closed] Event Suggestions Empty [Closed] Event Suggestions

Post  MrSal on Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:35 pm

I have some ideas for new events.

Scavenger: Admin spawns guns and cash around the map and players have 20 minutes to find these items.
(About 20 ITEMS)(8 Dollars with about 200$)(12 Guns) <--- Examples.

Doomsday: Zombies spawn faster for 10 minutes and move 20% faster.

Obstical: Set a location for an obstical course then at the end place 500$ or something else.

Pick-A-Box: Put 30 Boxes and inside each of them either put nothing or something good like a gun. The players may only choose one box and test their luck for what they got. (Set the boxes like this: Make walls then set the box inside the little "room" so that they dont have a chance to run into all rooms for the boxes.) Just talk to me to show you what I mean.

Hide-N-Seek: Players are placed in a closed up town and have 50 seconds to hide somewhere. The seeker has to find them and gets payed 5$ each find. (The finding lasts 5 minutes) The players that don't get caught win 200$.

Well that's all my ideas for now. Please I hope these are put into the game. If they are please credit me. THANKS!


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[Closed] Event Suggestions Empty Accepted

Post  Derakel on Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:50 pm

Scavenger: Active...

Doomsday: Pending...

Obstacle: Active...

Pick-a-Box: Accepted...

Hide and Seek: Pending...

Russian Roulette: Active...

Militant Arena: Active...

Combine Invasion: Active...

Double EXP/Cash: Active...

Fast Zombie Invasion: Pending...

Double Psychopath: Pending...

Race Course: Pending...

Cops vs. Robbers: Pending...

Man Slayer (Ubered Player): Pending...

If you have any more ideas, please post more. You do have some good ones. I have also added which Events we have requests of or accepted already.

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[Closed] Event Suggestions Empty Events

Post  MrSal on Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:58 pm

Wow thank you! I think I may have some more suggestions..

I love the server keep up the good work!


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[Closed] Event Suggestions Empty Re: [Closed] Event Suggestions

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