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Just jumping onto the fun wagon!

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Just jumping onto the fun wagon! Empty Just jumping onto the fun wagon!

Post  WarKing76 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:41 pm

Hey, just played the zombie RP server and It. Was. Awesome! Zombie being blown into bits, very active admins, the random events, and someone said about NUKES!?

Well enough of that, time for an introduction.
My username is "WarKing76" but my real name is confidential but you can all me AK, you know like Ak-47. Anyways, I'm 16 from Malaysia and currently studying in high school. I like to read novels, play video games, and create ideas/stores in my head. What about my future career? Well I'm not sure my self, all I want to do is to show a story. the story is about an alternate universe of the Cold War with super soldiers, peacekeepers, traveling to other parallel worlds, time travel, advance suits, nano technology, and all that crazy stuff. So I decided to write a book, it's about half done I think but I still have some issues with it like grammar and spelling mistakes. But I'm also interested in animation using flash, I still need to get use to it tho because I'm horrible at drawing.

In-game, I like to be some-what serious but sometimes I tend to be hyper (due to bananas) and have fun with the other players.... in a good way. I always try my best to help others as much as I can and I hope I can keep like that way. Due to the time zones and junk like, I'll probably see me during the morning or at evening.

I've actually played your server a few months ago for a week but I got... well... distracted. Like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, studying, ugh... YouTube? And bunch of other stuff. I'll be staying for awhile, so you guys got your self a regular! I'll try to be active as possible (best as everyday or at least once a week).

I hope my grammar isn't too bad, English is not my first language you know (but actually It kinda is). If you guys want to know more about me just ask... that or just say hi or something, your choice.

And one more thing..... Bow ties are cool.

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