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[JFFS] Mumble Rules & Guidelines

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[JFFS] Mumble Rules & Guidelines Empty [JFFS] Mumble Rules & Guidelines

Post  DrShikura on Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:39 am

The following is a large list of rules & guidelines that each Player and Admin must follow. If you do not follow these rules, the JFFS Admins and Owners reserve the right to kick and/or ban you for any misconduct. If you have failed to read these rules and were punished as a result, you are to blame as the Rules are linked within the Welcome Message on our Mumble Server.

Server IP: JFFS.mumble.com
Port: 5519

[1] Respect your fellow Players and Admins and is a must-follow for everybody. We have a zero-tolerance with Disrespect, Trolling, Arguing, Gossip, and everything in-between.

[2] Along the lines of disrespect, to keep gossip and argument to a minimum, if you have a problem with somebody, mute them. Then, be on your merry way. There's no reason anybody should be going through hour-long-rants about each other, saying this to them or behind their backs or even if they've muted you. On top of that, it's unfair to drag other people into it.

[3] Racism, Sexism, Nationalism, or any other kind of "-ism" is punishable severely. We WILL NOT tolerate any of it. We frown upon words such as "Niggers" "Whores" "Sluts" "Chinks," "Beaners" or any other slang nickname for any ethnicity, gender or Nationality and Neither should you. There may be few exceptions if a joke is clearly acceptable by everybody within your Channel. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

[4] Cursing is allowed in JFFS. We like to believe we are seemingly mature people and allow ourselves that right. What isn't okay is cursing in excess. When you go in total berserk mode and start dropping "word-bombs" left and right, that is too much and you may be muted. If not, you shall be punished.

[5] If you are told "No" by an Admin, you are to follow his/her instructions. Each player can reserve the right to ask the Admin why they were denied but the answer will not change. If the Admin declined you under a ridiculous reason along the lines of "I felt like it" or "I don't like you", You may take the inquiry to another Admin or an Owner and report the misconduct. This is universal for anything along the lines of wanting to play a game, to wanting build-team powers on Minecraft. The answer is unchanging.
Anyone who deny the instructions of the Owners shall be dealt with as well.

[6] No spamming of any kind for any reason. If an Admin is informed that you are spamming, they can take precautionary measures immediately. Anywhere up to removing your ability to speak. If one or more people ask you to stop and yet, you continue, that may count as spamming. In thus case, you may be punished accordingly. This rule also covers Channel-Moving, Connection/Disconnection, Music and continuous Microphones (Must have Push-to-Talk enabled).

[7] Inviting new people to the group is fine. It's encouraged, even! However, if you feel your friend may be unhealthy for the group, don't invite them. If they are unable to follow these rules, they may be dealt with severely.

[8] To report a Player breaking the rules, take screenshots for text or record the incident for voice. Video helps the most. For programs to record without the perpetrator knowing, you may use anything along the lines of Audacity (Audio recording), or ZDSoft (Video recording) The file may be transported to the appropriate administrator through any means, then analyzed for proper proof on the misconduct.

[9] Do not sleep in mumble. To Mute and Deafening yourself in Mumble for more than three hours is considered sleeping. The reason for this rule is to because if everyone were to sleep in mumble we would have a full server all the time, not letting anyone else join. If you are known to Sleep in the AFK Channel, an Admin has every right to kick you from the Server for others to join. Even if the Server is already nearly empty.

These rules are subject to change at any moment. If our Admins choose to change or add rules to this list, they may do so. It is recommended you often keep a healthy eye on these rules to check for said changes.

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