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Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post

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Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post Empty Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post

Post  Brandon12hummer on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:10 pm

Greetings Just For Fun Server!

It's been awhile...
This Post is dedicated to the open Development of our very late Zombie Role-play server.

Let's start with the reasoning of the Server's very long delay.
When Garry's Mod 13 launched, our old Game-mode had more errors than the United States Healthcare System... So, i had to start from Scratch. Luckily, I had found another user who was repairing the old Game-mode which we had used on our Server.

In about a month or two after the closing of our Zombie Role-play Server, I was pretty much ready for the Beta of our Zombie Role-play Revival. However, a fatal bug was not allowing Zombies to deal Damage, having increased Collision Sizes and so on.
Not being able to fix this for several Months, my dreams of reviving the Server were crushed.

Scrapping my old build, I have gone forward with the revival process and am setting the new Server to an open Beta on Garry's Mod.
Anyone may join the Server, so we will require as much advice and feedback as much as possible. Of course, do not forget that the Server will undergo many restarts and console errors.

As of today, I have installed the base DarkRP build and will be completely reworking the in-game Features, Economy and our Staff for the Server with our Co-Owner and other current Staff Members.

The Server will still have a Password so that those who do not read the Forums cannot join for the hell of it. However, you may still invite friends.

Password: JFFS

Once again, we apologize for the very long delay.
I haven't forgotten about you guys, i come on alot to read old posts...  Sad 
Miss you guys!

-Thursday, March 20th, 2014-
11:41AM: Added Adv Duplicator Mod.
3:42PM: Added base DarkRP Mod.
7:28PM: Added Administrator Mod.
7:49PM: Added Inventory Mod.
8:31PM: Added Item Bank Mod.

-Friday, March 21st, 2014-
8:22AM: Added base Weapons Mod.
8:43AM: Added Admin Log Mod.
8:51AM: Added MOTD Mod.
9:39AM: Finished tweaking the base Weapons.
10:33AM Finished the MOTD Rules.
10:54AM Finished Server Rules list.
11:03AM Converted old Jobs to new build.
11:04AM Added ATM Mod.
11:18AM Added HUD Mod.
11:23AM Added Shop HUD Mod.
11:58AM Added RP Name Mod.
12:01PM Added a Defibrillator.
1:19PM Finished Shipments for all 39 Weapons.
3:11PM The Economy has been setup.
4:29PM Added Point Shop Mod.
5:27PM Finished modifying Game-mode.
5:46PM Added Anti-Prop abuse Mod.
6:50PM Opened a new Moderator Application.
7:22PM Added more SWEPs.

-Saturday, March 22nd, 2014-
10:02AM Finished deciding on Map.
10:21AM Added Ammunition for Weapons.
3:48PM Fixed Point Shop Mod.
Spent the rest of the day testing already implemented Mods, possible compatible Mods and fixing the In-Game experience. Also made more Hats.

-Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Our whole day was pretty much fixing the implemented Mods. However, we finally fixed a serious bug on the Forums, finished the Rules List and began testing the new Staff List on the MOTD. Also made more Hats.

-Monday, March 24th, 2014-
We ran into a serious game-breaking bug, it took us hours to find it in the files and fix the problem without breaking other attaching files. We also had our testers try out the economy. No Hats were done =(.

-Tuesday, March 25th, 2014-
8:00PM Added Fading Doors.
8:04PM Added Keypads.
The rest of the day was fixes, extensions, further MOTD work, more tests on the economy and some more Point Shop Items.

-Wednesday, March 26th, 2014-
12:54AM Added Stamina Mod.
3:54PM Added Daily Bonuses Mod.
After some tweaking and balancing, we took a minor break and setup the rest of the Stuff to do the next day.

Some screenshots:

The new hud
Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post 7HFYK
F4 Menu
Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post 7HG17
Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post 7HG3m

I won't lie to you the reason why we have been progressing so fast is Iive taken the donation money
from the old server and started buying scripts then modifying them with JFFS spice


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Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post Empty I was really looking forward to a new map.

Post  Gmwiseguy on Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:00 pm

When you said new, I was happy. When it took months, I figured "Hey, this sucks, but it must be brand new and super cool if its taking this long!". It is not a new map. Its that run-down city map with more props added, including the infamous gate from the old map, put right in front of the hospital. Also, the gate is useless because the back isn't blocked off.


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Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post Empty Re: Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post

Post  WarKing76 on Sun May 18, 2014 11:36 am

It's great to know that not all is lost, eh?  Very Happy

Also, for those who are having any problems connecting to the server just open up the console, type in "connect; password JFFS" and you're good to go.

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Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post Empty Re: Garry's Mod Server Open Development Post

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