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[MUST READ] Forum Rules!

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[MUST READ] Forum Rules! Empty [MUST READ] Forum Rules!

Post  DrShikura on Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:12 am

This is a list of rules EVERYBODY, admins included, must follow. If you feel that these rules are unnecessary or if they lack something, then please post in the proper Suggestions or Complaints categories.


  1. Be respectful to other players and admins. We're called "Just For Fun" for a reason.

  2. Alike Rule #1, We do not support racism, sexism, nationalism, facism, or any other kind of ism. Very Happy

  3. Of course, hacking is a NO-NO! Any hacks will be dealt with. Our forums, and all game servers do NOT allow hacks. You have been warned.

  4. Posts should be sensible and thought-out. No one-line or two-line posts. Be descriptive.

  5. We don't filter cursing, but don't be overly excessive with it. Younger players do play these servers, afterall.

  6. General OOC and General IC chats are exactly that, any Out of Character messages posted in the General IC forum go in ((double brackets.))

  7. There are BBCode ways to make music play on your posts. If you use this, make the video NOT autoplay. Anybody with youtube videos embedded in their signature, or any posts, will have their signatures or posts removed.

  8. We do not tolerate spam in any form. If you spam, you will be banned.

  9. ABSOLUTELY NO pornographic images, videos, or audio will be tolerated.

  10. Breaking any of these rules will result in a proper punishment. Anywhere between kicks or bans.

  11. The forum rules change often. Return to this page often in case they do. Besides, anyone could use a brain freshener.

Note that these rules change often so come back in here frequently. We will not be held responsible if you break any of these rules.

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