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Post  thedeadone96 on Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:19 am

Hey, I'm thedeadone96, and before i begin i would like to apologize for not doing this a long time before when I joined the gmod server, in all honesty i just kinda disappeared from everything for a while, but now I'm back to gaming! I have ALOT of medical issues(won't go into detail here but perhaps later) that gives me ALOT of free time that I mostly use for gaming, I've played alot of mmorpgs, as well as first person shooters(though I'm not good at either -.-) and i almost always have music playing.

I have been a hardcore pc gamer for almost 3 years now, my first game was World of Warcraft, and yes i still play it but nowhere near as much now that I have more games. I also play league of Legends, World of Tanks, Star Trek Online, and hundreds of hours of minecraft.

With most of my games I tend to play for a month or two then stop and move onto a new one, at this point I'm just going through a cycle of the games I have now, waiting to upgrade my computer to be able to run some of the better ones.

sorry if its a bit long but if anyone has any questions I'll gladly answer, I'll try spending more time on mumble, and try to talk but I'm still really on edge about it (I've always been shy -.-).


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