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Aperture Weapons

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Aperture Weapons Empty Aperture Weapons

Post  DrBurns on Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:08 pm

Aperture Weapons 4406
Aperture Corporation has been well known for it's professional security forces and weapons research, therefore it is of no surprise after the nuclear holocaust that their numerous facilities all over the United States wasteland still had fully stocked armories tucked away from destruction. The Virginia Aperture Offices, located near Washington D.C. was unfortunately hit hard by the atomic blast but remains standing, the offices ragged and pillaged, but the security systems still operating keeping out any unauthorized personnel. Under this fine office, laying in dormant sleep, is the Aperture Executive bunker, where the Executive Board agreed to hide and wait out the war to resurface and continue westward to the Aperture Base to reclaim and rebuild their idea of a true society. Unfortunately, they are 150 years behind schedule of their dream, but with the help of the Vault Dweller, they can be awakened and put back on track.

Inside of the Aperture Executive Bunker facility, there are numerous armories maintained by the main armory overseen by ArmsMaster Tekoma. The main armory being on the Research level neighboring the Agent Operations, and Weapons Research&Development. Almost each level of the facility has a mini armory serving to security personnel, but not as vast as the main armory.

The Armories and their leaders.
Weapon's Research & Development Armory - ArmsMaster Tekoma
The Executive Suite Armory - Aperture Elite
The Security Armory - Chief of Security Chris Jacobs & Itami Shikura
Ian Burn's Private Armory - Ian Burns (Dur)
Each of the armories carry certain weapons that go along with the armories specific function. For example, the Security Armory, headed by Chief Jacobs, supplies all the security officers (reminiscent of Vault Security) their weapons. The Executive Suite armory supplies the Elite Guard their weapons, and the Weapon's Research & Development Armory supplies the intelligence field operatives/agents.

Due to Ian Burns hatred of Energy based weapons, mainly due to their inaccuracy, low damage, and obvious beam that gives away your position; majority of the armories do not carry energy weapons, with the exception of the Executive Armory/Weapons R&D armory (For obvious reasons.) All the armories carry typical weapons such as 10mm pistols, 10mm SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Shotguns, Riot Batons, and armor specific to each armories function. (Combat Armor, Security Uniforms, Power Armor, helmets etc.)

Security Weapons

Police Baton
Aperture Weapons 211px-Police_baton

A peacemaker melee weapon used for security purposes for the Aperture Facility by Security Personnel or authorized managers. Ideal against unarmed assailants. Primary or Secondary weapon for all Security Officers. Available to Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents. Sector Manager Mick Foley possesses a unique Police Baton named the "Ban Hammer." The NPC of Mick Foley has an unobtainable version of the weapon that has DAM of 9999999 and 100% chance of a critical strike.

.44 Magnum
Aperture Weapons 240px-.44_magnum_revolver_%28Fallout_3%29

Magnum caliber revolver pistol, a truly respectable sidearm for any Aperture member with authorization. Stocked only in the R&D Armory, authorized only by ArmsMaster Tekoma. Secondary weapon for the Chief of Security Chris Jacobs.

10mm Pistol
Aperture Weapons 245px-Winterized_N99_10mm_pistol

Standard Sidearm for all weapon authorized personnel in the facility. Primary weapon for all security personnel along with their riot baton, pistols are only used in armed confrontation.

10mm SMG
Aperture Weapons 240px-10mm_SMG

Primary weapon for intelligence operatives/agents for direct confrontation or stealth operations. Secondary weapon for soldier operatives, primary being the Assault Rifle. Authorized to Section Managers through Chief of Security Chris Jacobs.

Operative Weapons

Assault Rifle
Aperture Weapons 250px-Winterized_r91_assault_rifle

The R91 full-auto urban assault rifle, all 'round true workhouse of all heavy Aperture operations. Deployed with all Aperture soldier operatives and available to all Aperture Intelligence Operatives/Agents. Patrol weapon for the Chief of Security, and available to Aperture Security in emergencies.

Infiltrator Rifle
Aperture Weapons 240px-Infiltrator_%28weapon%29

Modified silent assault rifle, stockless for mobility, and scope for accurate medium ranged combat. Great for stealth assault groups, or night raids. Available to Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents, primarily for spec. ops; night raids etc.

Captured Chinese Assault Rifle
Aperture Weapons 250px-Winterized_chinese_assault_rifle

Chinese origin assault rifle copy of the Russian AK-47. Mixed assortment of models, revealing some to be actual AK-47's proving cooperation between Soviet China, and the USSR. Limited stockpile, maintained by the R&D Armory. Authorized to Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents by Dr. Roger West, R&D Labs. Dr. Roger West carries a unique version of this weapon, named the "Kalashnikov-47"

Sniper Rifle
Aperture Weapons 240px-Sniper_rifle

Long ranged sniper rifle used by Recon/Stealth units. Primary weapon for recon patrols and Field Intelligence Operatives/Agents. Best used by recon operatives using Stealth Armor.

Aperture Weapons 240px-5MMMINIGUN

The 5mm mini-gun (chain gun) is Aperture's finest line of defense, offering a hail of bullets upon any enemy stupid enough to get in front of it. Plentiful in the R&D labs and armory. Available to heavy Aperture Soldiers. ArmsMaster Tekoma wields a unique mini-gun named the "10mm Minigun."


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